Getting started

Just run cargo mutants in a Rust source directory, and it will point out functions that may be inadequately tested.


; cargo mutants
Found 14 mutants to test
Copy source to scratch directory ... 0 MB in 0.0s
Unmutated baseline ... ok in 1.6s build + 0.3s test
Auto-set test timeout to 20.0s
src/ replace <impl Error for Error>::source -> Option<&(dyn std::error::Error + 'static)>
 with Default::default() ... NOT CAUGHT in 0.6s build + 0.3s test
src/ replace copy_symlink -> Result<()> with Ok(Default::default()) ...
 NOT CAUGHT in 0.5s build + 0.3s test
14 mutants tested in 0:08: 2 missed, 9 caught, 3 unviable

In v0.5.1 of the cp_r crate, the copy_symlink function was reached by a test but not adequately tested, and the Error::source function was not tested at all.