Controlling cargo-mutants

cargo mutants takes various options to control how it runs.

These options, can, in general, be passed on the command line, set in a .cargo/mutants.toml file in the source tree, or passed in CARGO_MUTANTS_ environment variables. Not every method of setting an option is available for every option, however, as some would not make sense or be useful.

For options that take a list of values, values from the configuration file are appended to values from the command line.

For options that take a single value, the value from the command line takes precedence.

--no-config can be used to disable reading the configuration file.

Execution order

By default, mutants are run in a randomized order, so as to surface results from different parts of the codebase earlier. This can be disabled with --no-shuffle, in which case mutants will run in order by file name and within each file in the order they appear in the source.

Source directory location

-d, --dir: Test the Rust tree in the given directory, rather than the source tree enclosing the working directory where cargo-mutants is launched.

--manifest-path: Also selects the tree to test, but takes a path to a Cargo.toml file rather than a directory. (This is less convenient but compatible with other Cargo commands.)