Skipping functions with an attribute

To mark functions as skipped, so they are not mutated:

  1. Add a Cargo dependency on the mutants crate, version "0.0.3" or later. (This must be a regular dependency not a dev-dependency, because the annotation will be on non-test code.)

  2. Mark functions with #[mutants::skip] or other attributes containing mutants::skip (e.g. #[cfg_attr(test, mutants::skip)]).

The mutants crate is tiny and the attribute has no effect on the compiled code. It only flags the function for cargo-mutants. However, you can avoid the dependency by using the slightly longer #[cfg_attr(test, mutants::skip)] form.

Note: Currently, cargo-mutants does not (yet) evaluate attributes like cfg_attr, it only looks for the sequence mutants::skip in the attribute.

You may want to also add a comment explaining why the function is skipped.

For example:

fn main() {
use std::time::{Duration, Instant};

/// Returns true if the program should stop
#[cfg_attr(test, mutants::skip)] // Returning false would cause a hang
fn should_stop() -> bool {

pub fn controlled_loop() {
    let start = Instant::now();
    for i in 0.. {
        println!("{}", i);
        if should_stop() {
        if start.elapsed() > Duration::from_secs(60 * 5) {
            panic!("timed out");

mod test {
    fn controlled_loop_terminates() {